Lisa Whelchel on Survivor: Will Her Faith Play a Role in New Series?

Actress Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair on "The Facts of Life," is a born-again Christian who has incorporated her faith into the entertainment industry. She recently participated in a season of CBS' hit series "Survivor," which she says was "one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life."

"It pushed me to my extreme limits physically, mentally, spiritually, and especially emotionally. I'm so very grateful for the opportunity, and I'm so glad I did it, but I think it's like childbirth…I may need to put a few years behind me and some perspective in front of me before I would ever consider doing it again," Whelchel explained on her website.

Whelchel first debuted on "The New Mickey Mouse Club" and was then cast in the role of elitist Blair on "The Facts of Life," which saw her skyrocket to fame. Yet when she was only 10, Whelchel devoted her life to Christ and has since incorporated her faith into every aspect of her life.

In 1988, she married Steven Cauble, an associate pastor, and the couple has three children. Whelchel became an advocate for homeschooling and has written 10 books about the subject, along with friendships, faith, motherhood, and living a Christian life.

Since 2009, she has toured with the religious Women of Faith conference, sharing her personal story and her beliefs and insights on the Christian faith. It will be interesting to see how Whelchel's past will play out on "Survivor."

"I'm not going to volunteer it, but at the same time, even though there are a lot of young people, and I'm sure they have no idea who Blair Warner [her character] is, there are some older people and even if only one knows, it certainly will get around, so I won't deny it," Whelchel told Entertainment Weekly.

"Survivor" premieres September 19 on CBS.