Little League Coach Sues 14-Year-Old Player for 'Carelessly Celebrating' Win

A little league baseball coach in Sacramento, Calif. is suing one of his 14-year-old players after the boy victoriously threw his helmet in the air at a game, reportedly injured the coach's Achilles tendon.

(Photo: Screenshot via NBC)Little League baseball helmet that allegedly hit a coach in the Achilles tendon.

In a lawsuit filed in Placer County recently, Alan Beck, a chiropractor who volunteers as a coach for a Lakeside Little League team, alleges that one of his 14-year-old players "carelessly threw a helmet, striking Plaintiff's Achilles tendon and tearing it" in a game last spring. The boy was reportedly charging to home base after scoring the winning play for his team when he ceremoniously threw off his batting helmet. The helmet hit the unsuspecting coach in the Achilles tendon, tearing it and sending the coach to the hospital.

The boy's father, Joe Paris, told the local KCRA-TV that he found the coach's allegations to be "absurd."

"At first I thought it was joke," the father, who has asked the media not to reveal his son's name, said. Paris is named in the lawsuit along with his wife, Raegan Paris, his son and the Lakeside Little League.

Gene Goldsman, an attorney for Beck, who has a chiropractor business in Roseville, told the local media outlet on Thursday that his client is the real victim. "A guy who volunteers his time to coach should not be subjected to someone who throws a helmet in the manner that he did. What the kid did, it crossed the line."

"He's a good guy who was volunteering his time and now he's in a wheelchair. Who's the victim here?" Beck's attorney added. "This wasn't part of the game. To have someone throw a helmet in that manner, you just don't do that."

Beck is reportedly seeking $500,000 for the pain and suffering he endured due to his physical injury, as well as $100,000 in medical fees. The volunteer coach told HLN in a recent interview that during the fateful game last spring, as the defendant ran towards home base, he felt "something extremely large" hit the back of his leg, sending him into shock.

The Paris family says they do not have homeowner's insurance to cover the cost of the lawsuit and have already spent $4,000 on the case, and they have yet to step foot in a courtroom. A hearing at the Placer County Superior Court is scheduled for March 4.