Little Mermaid Surgery Ad Sparks Controversy: Ariel Receives Breast Augmentation? (PHOTO)

The Little Mermaid has gone under the knife in a plastic surgery ad which proclaims that dreams really can come true- with silicone and a scalpel.

A plastic surgery center in Venezuela called Clinica Dempere has given Disney's red-headed mermaid a makeover. The ad shows Ariel fleeing from the evil Ursula and heading straight for an operating table where she is given more than just a human pair of legs.

The newly done up Ariel reveals the mermaid with a human pair of legs that she shows off with a pair of black stilettos. In addition it all appears that the Disney character's lips have been altered and she has also undergone a breast augmentation.

What a cute idea right? Hardly, according to a number of users who were caught in an uproar over how wrong it was to promote the idea that women needed surgery in order to have their wishes come true. Others also pointed that the ads wrongly influenced very young girls who often look up to Disney princesses.

"This is pretty disgusting," N1c0l328 commented on the Huffington Post blog. "Little girls actually look up to these cartoon characters. So, what they are saying is: 'Hey, little girl, you are not good enough for this world with small normal boobs, so get big plastic ones and people will love you.'"

Other suggested that the ad was a blatant lawsuit waiting to happen because Disney would never give permission for such an advertisement.

"This is a lawsuit waiting to happen ... No way No how would Disney OK this with their image," Linda Linny stated.

"How in the world did they get away with this and not get sued?" Laylla added.

The ad was originally discovered by BuzzFeed's Copyranter, who uploaded the photo to the site criticizing it as "borrowed interest advertising."