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'Little People, Big World' News: Fans Blame Amy for Matt's Sadness

'Little People, Big World' News: Fans Blame Amy for Matt's Sadness

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Matt and Amy Roloff had been separated for years already, but fans of TLC's "Little People, Big World" still blame the latter for hurting the family's patriarch.

The 56-year-old father of four recently turned to Instagram to show a video about what he normally does whenever he is "feeling a bit down." According to Matt, he would visit his barn wood collection during his sad moments.

Fans were quick to blame Amy and her new boyfriend Chris Marek for making Matt sad. According to some of the comments that was written on Matt's post, Amy was rude and disrespectful to her ex-husband, and she was only buying Marek's affection. Others also claimed that Amy spend so much time with her friends.

Other fans also tried to cheer up Matt, saying that he only needs to think of his grandkids whenever he is feeling down.

Matt also admitted in a recent episode of "Little People, Big World" that his new relationship with Amy is still very complicated. According to the reality star, coexisting with his ex has several ups and downs since they are still living near each other. "You know, there's good days and bad days and we just take it day by day," Matt stated.

The estranged couple shocked their fans when they revealed that they are ending their 27 years of marriage in 2015. The two shares four kids together, including twins Jeremy and Zach, only daughter Molly, and youngest son Jacob.

They also have two grandkids, a 10-month-old boy named Jackson Kyle from Zach and his wife Tori, and a six-month-old girl named Ember Jean from Jeremy and his wife Audrey.

The couple also welcomed Joel Silvius in their family after his marriage to Molly, while Jacob is currently engaged with Isabel Rock.

Amy, on the other hand, also acknowledged that it is hard for her and her estranged husband to deal with each other all the time.

"Even though it's a challenge with Matt and I living on the farm together, being divorced but still business partners, we are still doing our best to communicate with one another," Amy said in the episode, as reported by Pop Culture. "I'm not sure for me if it will ever be as easy as I like to talk to him, whether it be business or otherwise, but we do make sure that if we're having a family gathering that we both each know about it," she added.

While Amy is seeing Marek since her divorce, Matt also started dating their farm manager Caryn Chandler.

In the recent episode, Amy admitted that she finds it hard to invite Chandler in their family's special events. According to the 53-year-old reality star, she would rather lessen her personal interaction with her employee who also happens to be her ex-husband's new girlfriend since she feels that it is not healthy for her to be around each other during family events.

The Roloff family is being featured in the 18th season of "Little People, Big World" on TLC every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EDT.


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