Live TV Car Crash Happened Right Behind News Reporter (VIDEO)

Live TV Car Crash Happened Right Behind News Reporter (VIDEO)

A live TV car crash was captured on film in Tampa, Fla., Wednesday morning by reporter Adrienne Pedersen and WFLA-TV News.

The live TV car crash occurred during Adrienne's report on the rising gas prices in the U.S. Pedersen was just wrapping up her report when a cab sped into the intersection and was slammed into by another vehicle crossing the deserted street. The car careened off at an angle, spinning and finally coming to a stop.

Viewers were most likely shocked when the grisly accident occurred, but Pedersen didn't acknowledge the accident, even though she later admitted that she heard the deafening bang of the crash.

Gayle Guyardo, the anchor at the WFLA studio, called the reporters attention to the crash.

"Spun out right behind you? Did you see that Adrienne?" she said.

"I didn't, but now I did," said the stunned reporter. "Looks like a cab got in an accident out here."

The driver of the compact car was hospitalized as a result.

The WFLA cameraman for the incident, Rugene Moore, said the accident could have been much worse, if not for the terrain surrounding the collision.

"The cab was moving so fast that it threw both vehicles through the intersection and onto the curb," Moore told, WFLA's partner. "The cab was literally spinning out toward us. Luckily, a soft patch of dirt in a planter stopped them."

Pedersen said her primary concern was the people inside; she wanted to do anything she could to help the passengers, who could have been disoriented or injured.

"I heard it, but I had no idea what it was," said Pedersen. "I really just wanted to get off the air so we could run over and make sure they were OK."

Guyardo's comment lightened the situation for viewers, especially when the drivers were seen emerging from their vehicles without much difficulty.

"Probably shocked by the gas prices," the anchor quipped.

To see the startling car crash video click here:

Adrienne Pedersen reports as a car crash happens just a few yards from where she's standing Feb. 22, 2012.


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