Lohan Baby Brother Born: Lindsay Lohan Welcomes New Family Member (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters)

Lindsay Lohan has a new baby brother, according to reports out this week.

Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, and his girlfriend Kate Major, reportedly welcomed their first baby together into the world on Wednesday.

Michael Lohan's rep confirmed the news that Major had given birth to their child on Wednesday at a Florida hospital.

"God is good!" he exclaimed as he introduced the news.

The new baby's name is reportedly Landon Major Lohan, and he was born weighing 7 pounds and 5 ounces.

However, Lindsay Lohan was unable to enjoy the celebrations with the rest of her family, because as the news was breaking that a new Lohan baby was joining the family, Lindsay was in court in California.

Lohan was in court after allegedly lying to police about being in a car accident. It is likely that Lohan could face jail time for the incident as it violated the rules of her probation for unrelated charges.

Lohan was joined by her mother at the Los Angeles courthouse, which came as a surprise for many as it had been reported that she was not planning to attend the hearing. However, at the last minute she decided to attend after her excuse not to attend seemingly fell through, forcing her to take a red eye flight into Los Angeles from New York's JFK airport.

For her troubles, Lohan struggled to book into a hotel for her stay, and it was reported that the actress and her mother were turned away from a number of hotels before finally finding a location to settle.

Lohan initially had claimed that she was too sick to attend the court hearing, however, she was seen out shopping on the same day that her doctor had claimed she had an upper respiratory infection.

Here is a video report of Lindsay Lohan attending her court hearing in Los Angeles this week: