Lohan House Arrest Offer: Actress Says No, Could Face Up to 19 Months in Prison

Lindsay Lohan could face up to 19 months in jail after turning down a house arrest offer, citing that she has done no wrong.

A judge offered the actress a 90-day house arrest for violating her probation in exchange for not serving jail time, according to reports. The house arrest was a second offer "softened" after the initial suggestion of "lockdown rehab" TMZ reported.

Lohan however, is more likely to allow the case to go to trial. Sources told the news publication that Lohan was "adamant" about not serving any punishment. The trial has been set for March 18th.

Lohan was accused of violating her probation after lying to cops of her involvement in a June car accident that involved her Porche smashing into a dump truck on a California highway. Just after the accident, Lohan, who was with one other person at the time, told police that she had not been driving when the accident occurred. It was later revealed that Lohan was lying.

The actress previously attempted to have the charges dropped by stating that her rights were violated because she was not Mirandized.

"Lindsay's new mouthpiece, Mark Heller, wants to have the case thrown out on grounds she was not Mirandized," TMZ reported in February. However, according to law enforcement sources, "Lindsay's entertainment lawyer was present the entire interview."

If Lohan continues to trial she could face up to 19 months in prison for lying in addition to 245 days for probation violation, according to the Huffington Post. Lohan was previously placed on house arrest in 2011 after allegedly stealing a $2,5000 necklace.

Despite Lohan's wishes for the case to go away, sources have previously suggested that the court is determined to follow through.

"The City Attorney's Office will fight any attempt by Lindsay's legal team to postpone the trial in which she is charged with lying to cops. This is a very straightforward case, the charges are misdemeanors, and all discovery has been turned over in a very timely manner to Mark Heller," a law enforcement source told RadarOnline.com.