Lohan Misses Flight, Could Be Re-Arrested

Lindsay Lohan may be in more trouble if she is unable to make her court appearance today. Lohan missed her flight from New York to Los Angeles on Saturday, possibly making her late for court today.

Lohan is supposed to be in court to learn whether or not she will have to serve time or simply be put back on probation if she's convicted of lying to authorities, according to TMZ. The district attorney in California wants Lohan sentenced to 240 days in jail for her crime, but Lohan's attorney has tried to work out a deal.

Throughout the case, Lohan's attorney has been hampered by his client's request that rehabilitation not be an option for "punishment." She has been adamant that she does not need to go back to rehab, and a plea deal was never reached.

"She does not need rehab," attorney Mark Heller told the press. "I am hoping we will be able to come to some creative out-of-the-box answer. Lindsay doesn't have a problem with alcohol and drugs; Lindsay has other types of issues that are being dealt with."

Now, it appears that may have been a huge mistake, given that she missed her flight and could be re-arrested for failure to appear in court.

Lohan has been in and out of the court system for some time now, and if she is found guilty and serves her time, she could still be put on probation for another two years. Her troubles began when she allegedly stole jewelry and then spiraled with car accidents and finally lying to police. This last case could be the one to send her to prison for up to 240 days.

Lohan managed to complete the requirements of her last probation, including two weeks behind bars, one year under house arrest and several hours of community service at the L.A. County morgue.

It remains to be seen whether Lohan will be able to make it to the courthouse in time, but right now she is currently stranded in Las Vegas after getting off a flight to California because she "believed there was a problem with the plane." Approximately 35 other people allegedly got off the plane as well, TMZ reported.

The airline said it was stopping in Vegas for refueling before continuing on to Los Angeles. However, as time ticks away, Lohan is frantically trying to find a way to the Los Angeles County courthouse or she risks being re-arrested by police.