Lohan Poodle Coat Raises Stir

Lindsay Lohan has created a stir with her furry poodle coat this week in New York.

The 25-year-old actress arrived in the Big Apple on Monday in the off-white coat and ripped black tights. The star's appearance and outfit sparked discussion on the internet, with many users commenting on Lohan's unusual coat and bright white hair.

"The coat is fine," said Yohji, commenting on the Daily Mail website. "It's the bloated face [and] a visible ratty weave that are the problem."

Lohan fan Ongatar disagreed, writing, "Oh, come on now, it's a nice coat."

Gloria posted, "If you looks like that at 25 where do yo go from there? Hopefully if she finds some happiness naturally she will start to look better."

Recently centered in controversy over legal problems and court hearings in California, Lohan is likely is visiting her mother Dina, who lives in New York.

Recent reports indicate that Lohan has spent ample time lately at the celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont after moving out of her Venice Beach apartment.

While at the celebrity hotspot, Lohan posed for photographer Terry Richardson in pictures appearing disheveled and smoking cigarettes.

More controversy occurred when the actress was accused of drinking alcohol during the Screen Actor's Guild Awards ceremony last month. Lohan insists she only drank water all night, and believes the rumors about her party behavior is the reason behind the decline of her acting career.

She appeared on four episodes of "Ugly Betty" in 2008, but Lohan has not appeared in a film since 2010's unsuccessful "Machete." The star lost her role in the biopic "Lovelace" to actress Amanda Seyfried. She is scheduled to appear in the film "Underground Comedy" later this year.

In addition to denying the drinking rumors, an insider told TMZ that Lohan is threatening to sue over the reports.

Lohan appeared in the hit 2005 film "Mean Girls" and has been on screen since 1998 when she appeared in the Disney remake of "The Parent Trap."