Lohan Rent Rumors Persist: Actress Broke, Asking Friends for Help?

Lindsay Lohan's rent rumors persist, and it's getting harder to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to the star. Reports state that she is unable to pay her rent, is asking friends for help, and blew a deal with Bravo network to renovate her home.

It's no secret that Lohan has had financial trouble in the past, with the IRS seizing her bank accounts due to a failure to pay back taxes totaling $233,904. Actor Charlie Sheen famously helped her pay part of that back with a donation of $100,000, but Lohan is still not out of the woods.

Lohan broke a contract with Bravo TV's series "Million Dollar Decorators" and now owes $200,000 to the station, according to Daily Mail. Lohan reportedly signed up for the series thinking she would renovate her existing home and actually had the work done, but then refused to allow them to film the reveal.

"Sources close to Lindsay tell us she agreed to film the segment for the show earlier this year – in exchange, the people behind 'MDD' spent $200,000 on expensive furniture and other trappings for her house," a source told TMZ.

"We're told Lindsay was initially cooperative – filming a furniture shopping segment back in March and spending several more days shooting in the home before the renovations," the insider continued.

Bravo's website said that it is trying to put together the episode anyway sans Lohan's reveal in order to get it to air in early 2013. Lohan herself wants nothing more to do with the house, friends say, and is trying to break her lease as quickly as possible.

"Lindsay tried to get out of the lease and move out early, but we're told the owners of the home told LiLo the penalty for breaking the lease was massive," a source told TMZ. "Lindsay is making it work until the lease is over in February, and LiLo is telling friend she'll then look for a place in New York."

Until then, however, Lohan will have to make due and try to find work in order to pay back the government as well as her landlords. "Liz & Dick," Lohan's latest film, was not well received by critics on the small screen, and it's unknown what Lohan will work on next.