Lohan Sheen Bedroom Scene: On Time for 'Anger Management'

Lindsay Lohan made a guest appearance on Charlie Sheen's sitcom "Anger Management" this week.

Despite Sheen's reported displeasure over lending Lohan thousands of dollars for her tax bill, the actor invited troubled Lohan back to his set this week.

"I just had such a wonderful day on set of #angermanagement with @charliesheen & @LIGHTAARON @SaveTheSociety @Jazejazzy7 and the entire crew," the actress posted to Twitter on Monday.

The guest appearance comes as a surprise since Lohan has recently made dozens of headlines over legal entanglements, including a court hearing in Los Angeles last week where she was sentenced to 90 days in rehab.

More pleasantly surprising, insiders revealed that the usually late Lohan appeared on the "Anger Management" set early, nailed her scene, and was "incredibly nice" and "really funny," according to TMZ.

Lohan will be back on the television set alongside Sheen on Tuesday for more filming.

During the episode tentatively titled "Charlie & Lindsay," the 25-year-old actress will play herself as a patient of Sheen's therapist who develops feelings for him, according to E! News.

The FX television series is not the only project Lohan and Sheen have appeared on together; both filmed cameos for "Scary Movie 5" and "Paranormal Activity."

Meanwhile, Lohan initially rejected a rehab plea insisting that she was not guilty. Her lawyer Mark Heller also argued that Lohan's rights were violated because she was not mirandized.

Despite being sentenced to rehab, Lohan has stated that she does not have a substance abuse problem. Instead, the star argued that she only agreed to rehab to avoid having to do jail time. Lohan's lockdown rehab sentence is not scheduled to start until after her hearing which is on May 2.

Lohan has allegedly complained that the sentence will interfere with her 27th birthday, which is June 2. A mugshot of the star surfaced last week, making rounds on the internet.