Lohan Storage Wars Episode to Show Embarrassing Stuff Inside Lindsay's Locker?

Lindsay Lohan could featured in a 'Storage Wars' episode and have her potentially embarrassing items aired on the popular A&E show if she fails to pay off the bill for her storage locker.

If Lohan doesn't pay the $16,000 owed for her storage locker, she could lose her "expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items," reported TMZ. The contents of her unit are reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In each episode of 'Storage Wars,' auctioneers and buyers bid on various storage units and then scour the locker for valuable items worth more than the selling price of their purchase. Lohan may face the same fate if she doesn't pay off her storage unit bill this month.

The auction for Lohan's storage locker may be likely since the actress has been facing financial problems. The IRS has frozen her bank accounts because she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes. She also has been having problems paying her $8,000 a month rent for her Beverly Hills home.

The actress' father Michael Lohan criticized her agent for not accepting several endorsement deals that could have given her a financial boost. The agent reportedly turned down the deals, one for blocking unwanted calls and another for not drinking and driving, because it would add to the embarrassment.

"If Lindsay's things in storage were to get auctioned, wouldn't that be even more embarrassing?! Have the things said lately been embarrassing themselves?" Mr. Lohan told RadarOnline.com.

Lohan may follow in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, whose storage locker was sold off in 2007. The contents inside the 6,000 square foot storage locker was photographed and displayed on a website.

Lohan could face a similar fate if her locker went to the highest bidder in a 'Storage Wars' episode.

However, the show is without its own controversy.

Former cast member Dave Hester has filed a lawsuit against 'Storage Wars,' claiming that the show is fake. He said in his suit that the show's producers rig the bidding process and plant items in the storage lockers to make the show more interesting.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is facing legal woes in addition to her ailing finances. Her probation was revoked this week and a hearing in the jewelry theft case is scheduled for Jan. 15. She also faces a misdemeanor assault charge in New York after Tiffany Mitchell claimed Lohan punched her in a fight at a Manhattan nightclub.