Lollipop Hoax Video Tricks 1 Million Viewers (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/RichSmith Screen Shot)A screen shot showing the lollipop hoax video.

A lollipop hoax has caught the attention of thousands of Internet users over the past few weeks.

The hoax took place after a video was uploaded to the Internet in March showing a man sculpting faces out of lollipops using his mouth. The unique trick seemed so impressive that the video quickly went viral on the Internet as thousands applauded the man's amazing skill.

Within weeks the video received nearly 1 million views, however, it has now turned out that the entire video was a complete hoax.

According to Yahoo! News, the man from Singapore does not sculpt lollipops with his mouth. In fact the entire video was set up by a company called Chupa Chups as a "marketing gag" to "generate some buzz in social media circles."

The marketing ploy seems to have worked even better than anyone could have expected as the video caught the attention of people around the world. However, viewers who believed that the trick was real will now be left disappointed by the gag.

Some have pointed out that the lollipop company is in fact huge outside of America, and that many in other countries knew that the video was a marketing ploy long before viewers in the United States.

Yahoo News reported on the prank: "In our book, that's just making stuff up as opposed to a genuinely creative prank. But ultimately, the clip is harmless. And in its defense, Chupa Chups actually admitted to the hoax on its Facebook page on April 1."

Here is a video of the lollipop street artist that went viral and until now has received just under 1 million views: