Lolo Jones Crashes Bobsled Again

Lolo Jones, Olympic hurdler turned bobsledding World Cup medalist, opened up about a recent crash.

Jones, 30, let over 300,000 Twitter followers know that her journey to being a respected bobsledder was no easy task.

"After the crash the EMT's checked me for a concussion by tapping on my head," Jones tweeted before inserting a joke. "Ummm, I have health insurance."

Although Jones crashed soon after the new year began, she also sent a similar tweet to followers about her first bobsled crash weeks ago.

"!!!! I Just HAD MY FIRST BOBSLED CRaSH!!!!! God is real," Jones tweeted last month. "I saw Him today and He said come back later."

The first-year bobsledding athlete was reportedly in a sled that tipped over while training for a World Cup stop in Winterberg, Germany, according to USA Today reports. Jones, the bobsled pusher, and her driver Elana Meyers were not hurt but the former decided to crack a few jokes on Twitter about the incident.

Although she is a bobsledding rookie, Jones teamed up with driver Jazmine Fenlator to win a silver medal in the World Cup opener last November. The hurdler expressed her excitement after accomplishing the feat.

"Little did I know coming out here would just like open up the floodgates to something just completely new for me. I'm just thrilled to be out here, and Jazmine's humble. She's really dealing with a true rookie," Jones said in a USA Today report after her big win. "I'm a veteran in my own sport, but the first run she just had to drive to make up for my lack of technique because I'm still working on it. I'm not on the start line confident in all of my angles yet, so she has to really drive amazing. My hat's off to her. Literally, moments before she's still showing me angles."