Lolo Jones: 'I'm So Desperate' for a Medal in Track

Lolo Jones, the 30-year-old Olympic hurdler-turned-bobsledding World Cup medalist, is not hiding her desperation when it comes to winning an Olympic medal.

Jones is a Christian hurdler who placed fourth in her 100-meter event at the London Olympics last summer. Since she missed the mark that would earn her an Olympic medal, she has been vocal about being desperate to obtain one.

"I'm so desperate. Desperate," Jones told HBO's Real Sports. "It absolutely doesn't matter (whether I win in the Winter or Summer Games.) And you know the hard question will be is if I get a medal for bobsled, and I get a medal finally for track, which would I love more?"

The Olympic hurdler made it clear that she would choose the sport that she first fell in love with over bobsledding if given the opportunity to win a medal.

"If I won a freakin' medal- if I won any medal- I would not be a bobsledder," she told HBO's Real Sports. "Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? No. No!"

Although she is a bobsledding rookie, Jones teamed up with driver Jazmine Fenlator to win a silver medal in the World Cup opener last November. The hurdler expressed her excitement after accomplishing the feat.

"Little did I know coming out here would just like open up the floodgates to something just completely new for me. I'm just thrilled to be out here, and Jazmine's humble. She's really dealing with a true rookie," Jones said in a USA Today interview last year.

"I'm a veteran in my own sport, but the first run she just had to drive to make up for my lack of technique because I'm still working on it," Jones explained. "I'm not on the start line confident in all of my angles yet, so she has to really drive amazing. My hat's off to her. Literally, moments before she's still showing me angles."

Jones will speak more about her career in HBO's "Real Sports," scheduled to air Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST.