Lolo Jones on Keeping the Faith Through Life's Hard Race

 U.S. bobsledder and Olympic hurdler Lori "Lolo" Jones has shared openly of her struggles in prior years of trying to accomplish things by her own strength, instead of relying completely on God. "That exhausted me. It broke me," she confessed to fans, moving many of them to reveal their own struggles.

"Be the kind of person who never gives up hope, regardless of how hopeless things seem, because your hope is in the Lord," Jones wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday.

She went on to share, "My prayers have been on hope lately. The last few years without me knowing I began to lose hope that God answered my prayers. I continued to worship and love Him but I tried to do things in my own strength. That exhausted me. It broke me. Especially with the taunts of social media always reminding me of things I lacked. A gold medal, a husband, etc etc... But If I never get what I want, I have committed my life to you Lord."