Longoria, Sanchez Dinner Confirms Housewife Dating Jets Player?

Eva Longoria appears to have no time to mourn over her losses. Despite a rocky past few months, the "Desperate Housewives" star has appeared anything but desperate and was recently spotted out on the town with friends and dates alike.

Recent reports have suggested that Eva Longoria is now dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. The date appears to be the actress' first since her split from Eduardo Cruz, which happened a few weeks back.

The pair dined together at an outdoor table while at Donald Trump's National Golf Club in New York. The event appeared to be a "low key outing" according to Mail Online, which also reported that the couple was joined by a few friends.

The next night, the couple allegedly went out together on Broadway and shared dinner at Nobu according to the U.K. publication.

Longoria originally split from Cruz, 27, in March but the couple appeared to reunite before officially calling it quits in June. At that point, Longoria decided to focus on her work.

"It was a mutual decision," a source said of the break up after it was announced. "They are staying friends. She's focusing on work and the end of Desperate Housewives."

However, Longoria appears to have more time to date now that the series has officially ended.

But Sanchez, 25, is a known "ladies man" and may not be the best pick for Longoria. He was recently rumored to be dating Sport's Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton. Longoria, 37, was previously married to NBA player Tony Parker but the couple split after a 4-year marriage.

"She's been with him a lot," a source told The New York Post of Longoria's time with Sanchez, suggesting that their past outing was just one of many.