Loredana Jolie, Tiger Woods Affair: 'Homewrecker' Accusations Anger Model

Loredana Jolie, the model who was labeled a homewrecker for having an affair with golfer Tiger Woods, has attempted to re-invent her life by beginning a new online wedding boutique business.

Jolie, who became known as a homewrecker after being reported as one of Tiger Wood's many mistresses, would now like to move on with her life and make a name for herself in the wedding dress business.

Jolie has told Fox News that was upset that she had been called a homewrecker. "The fact that I came across as a home-wrecker really put a lot of pressure on me," she said. "I do believe in marriages and one day I want to get married myself."

She has also stated that she is now in a serious relationship, commenting on her newly found happiness.

A year after the affair scandal, a book was released titled "The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion." The book, which many found offensive, charged that Tiger Wood's wife Elin Nordegren was at fault for the series of affairs. However, Jolie may have never written the book.

The New York Post reported that Jolie denied writing the book. "Bizarrely, she now tells Fox someone else wrote the book," the Post wrote.

 "I had to call Barnes and Noble and Amazon and ask them to stop selling it. I wanted to keep my name out of the media," Jolie reportedly said.

In 2009, Tiger Woods became the center of controversy after several women came forward and reported that they had an affair with the golf star. He later confessed to the infidelities which led to his temporary break from golf and subsequent divorce from Elin Nordegren. Since that scandal Wood's career has taken a nosedive, and he even lost a series of multi-million dollar commercial deals in the aftermath of the incident. Now two years later he is only just starting to recover some of the form that had made him one of the most famous sportsmen in the world.