Lovato 'X Factor' Judge?: Not So Great Chemistry (VIDEO)

With the new season of "X-Factor" quickly approaching, rumors have abounded as to who the judges are going to be. The latest rumor has suggested that Britney Spears will be in the third seat, with Demi Lovato in a mysterious fourth place. However, the only report to be confirmed is that no one has actually signed a deal.

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(Photo: Reuters)Demi Lovato goes back on tour after entering treatment for bulimia and other emotional disorders.

For months, rumors circled around whether or not Britney Spears would sign a deal to be a new "X-Factor" judge. Although rumors have suggested that a sealed deal would mean a $15 million payday for the pop star, the actual contract has yet to be signed.

More recently, new rumors began to circle around who would be filling the fourth judge's seat. The apparent battle seemed to focus on two former Disney stars. Some suspected that former "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus was in the running. The latest report suggested that Demi Lovato has come out on top, and is "very close" to signing a deal.

"The deal is not yet done and could fall apart, but sources say Lovato's team is in final negotiations for the job," the Hollywood Reporter confirmed.

The site also stated that it had previously been confirmed that the new "X-Factor" judge would be a brunette, which would fit Lovato's description.

However despite the number of rumors, not a single deal has been signed and the actual judges have yet to be declared, although a decision could be made by May 15, just in time for the ad campaign.

Some believe that show producer Simon Cowell is attempting to reach a younger audience through his judge selection process. Of course, while a former Disney star may draw some young people, it seems to make little sense for the chemistry of the show.

Can one actually picture Simon Cowell mingling with Britney Spears or Demi Lovato?