'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Brawl: Stevie J, Joseline Take on Benzino, Althea (VIDEO)

(PHOTO) Instagram: @iambenzino'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' stars Benzino and Althea

The "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show was filmed in New York on Tuesday night and as expected, fights broke out among cast members.

The hit reality TV show is currently in its third season and cast members were reunited yesterday to rehash old wounds at the reunion show taping, which evidently did not go down well.

Insiders claim a fight broke out between Benzino, his fiancée Althea and Stevie J and his alleged wife Joseline. Rapper Waka Flocka's mother Debra and his fiancée Tammy were reportedly also involved at some point, as was Stevie's ex Mimi, according to TMZ.com.

Benzino, who has been at odds with Stevie for a few days, is believed to have caused the fight by ridiculing the three-time Grammy award-winning producer. He reportedly joked about Stevie and Joseline being on drugs which set the couple off and violence ensued.

(PHOTO) Instagram: @thebaddestputa1Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

Stevie is said to have lunged at Benzino, prompting security to separate the former friends. Joseline then reportedly sucker punched Althea and a source claims that at least one security guard was injured while trying to break up the fights.

While some of the male cast members were involved in brawls, most of the violence involved female cast members and eventually police and paramedics were called to the scene.

Vh1 cameras were reportedly on hand to capture all of the drama and it will likely be aired in coming weeks.

Stevie and Joseline have been feuding with Benzino and Althea on-and-off for quite some time and the couples were recently involved in new Twitter beef.

On Monday, Stevie posted a lewd photo of the couple which prompted Benzino to retaliate by claiming Joseline has been unfaithful to Stevie.

"Ok so the lil p---- n---- @hitmansteviej posted a private pic with me & my girl.....who cares, nothing was shown but her beautiful face," Benzino tweeted.

"Just last week, you had me meet this n---- who been banging out [Joseline] while you was scared to come, I was your bro then, why didn't you come?" another tweet read.

Stevie is believed to have posted the lewd photo of Benzino and Althea because he believes The Source co-founder may have leaked disturbing footage of an out-of-it Joseline rapping in a studio.

Althea was able to brush off Stevie's post but was sure to take a jab at Joseline.

"Yup that's a pic of me and Zino. Not me and random dudes like your h--? REAL AGAINST THE FAKE!!!," Althea tweeted.