'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Mimi Faust Blames Scientology for Relationship Woes

Mimi Faust, cast member of the reality television show "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta," recently admitted that some of her issues with love on the show may stem from her mother choosing the Church of Scientology over her children.

On episode seven of the show, Faust and the father of her children, producer Stevie Jordan best known as Stevie J, decided to attend a relationship counseling session to mend the issues with their relationship. Although Stevie J admitted to lying to Faust and cheating on her, the counselor made the woman confront her own issues with her mother.

"She was always searching for something, different religions," Faust told the therapist.

In the episode, Faust speaks about having to separate from her mother after refusing to sign a contract to join the Church of Scientology at 13 years old.

"When my mother joined Scientology they wanted me to sign a contract with them and I refused," she said. "I was kicked out at 13 and my mother was so confused with her life in that religion that we lost contact for many years."

Faust recalled her mother dying after losing contact with her children and giving up her family for the religion.

"Where she ended up she stayed there until she died and she gave up her kids, everything for what she wanted to do," Faust said.

The reality television show star admitted that her mother's decisions may have affected Faust's love life as an adult.

"I do think it has played a part in my relationships because I think I'm looking for that love that I never got," she said.

Fans of the VH1 reality television show took to Twitter to speak about Faust's family involvement with the controversial organization. Some people compared Faust's situation to that of actress Katie Holmes, who recently divorced from well-known Scientologist Tom Cruise.

"Katie Holmes got out while she was ahead," one person wrote.

Some black fans on Twitter were shocked that an African-American was involved in the religion.

"Is Mimi's mother Caucasian," one black woman questioned. "I didn't know 'we' were into Scientology like that."

Another followed the same sentiments saying, "I refuse to believe Mimi's mom got mixed up in some Scientology..black people don't do that mess."

Still, others questioned if Faust was using Scientology to excuse her decision to stay with her cheating boyfriend.

"Too many people use their past as an excuse for the way they are," a fan of the show tweeted. "What does Mimi's mama practicing Scientology have to do with her being stupid?"

Still, Faust is not troubled by people's opinions of what she should or should not be doing on the television show.

"Honestly, these people don't know and they never met me. I could really care less if I worried about everyone who had an opinion about me I would pull my hair out and be crazy," Faust recently said in an Examiner interview. "Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it, but they don't know me."