'Love and Hip Hop,' Joseline Hernandez Badly Beaten - Suicidal Over Gender Speculation?

Joseline Hernandez, featured in Vh1 reality TV show "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," was reportedly attacked by a woman in Atlanta on Monday night. The attack came shortly after the reality TV personality spoke out about being bullied over gender speculation.

Hernandez, a former stripper and aspiring singer, reportedly got in to an altercation with a woman at an undisclosed venue after the woman questioned why she allegedly had an abortion. Hernandez is portrayed as a mistress on the Vh1 show, and previously claimed to be pregnant by her committed manager Stevie J.

Hernandez reportedly lost her cool and hit the woman, who subsequently fought back, leaving Hernandez's face bloodied and badly injured, according to houseofchappele.blogspot.com.

The vicious brawl follows weeks of harassment that Hernandez has endured online due to ongoing speculation about her gender.

Although she has already confirmed that she is a woman, critics continue to speculate if that is true which has left Hernandez feeling hurt and "confused."

"I've never even heard that before. I have men give me everything I've ever wanted, and I've never had a problem with people looking at me that type of way. It's crazy to me. Do you not see all this greatness? I don't understand, I'm confused," Hernandez told blogger Jasmine Brand.

"I'm beautiful and a lot of women would pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to look like me. You know, I work out a lot.. take care of my body and I love how I look. And hey whoever don't like it, they can stop looking! But I know they not, cause they love it too," she added.

After the first episode of the controversial reality TV show, viewers immediately flocked to Twitter and questioned whether Hernandez is really a woman.

"Omg i thought joseline from love and hip hop atl was a man lmao," Jayd Alexandra tweeted.

"Joseline off love and hip hop looks like a man," Jaleesa Luna-Epps tweeted.

"Anyone man who likes Joseline from love and hip hop atlanta likes other men too," Iman Abdulaziz tweeted.

Desperate to dispel rumors that she may be a man, Hernandez posted nude photographs of her body online. She admits that it was not a good move, but says that the bullying became so unbearable that it could have prompted suicide.

"I was stressed out. I was wrong for doing that. I shouldn't have never did that, that was my past but that was the first thing that i thought about. I just wanted people to leave me alone," Hernandez said.

"They were just basically bullying me…people just really, they just don't care… that's how people end up killing themselves, because of people. I didn't have to take it to that level," she added.