'Love and Hip Hop' Lil Scrappy Proposes to Erica Dixon During Reunion, Dumps Shay?

"Love and Hip Hop" star Erica Dixon was reportedly left stunned after the father of her child, Li'l Scrappy, proposed during a recent taping of the reunion show special.

Lil Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson II, is said to have dropped to one knee before asking for Dixon's hand in marriage all in the presence of his current girlfriend Shay Johnson, it has been claimed. These reports are yet to be confirmed by sources at the Vh1 network.

"Scrappy was going on and on about how much he got along with [Shay] … then he switched it up, got on one knee and proposed to Erica. The audience was booing, and telling her NOT to accept. I swear it was like an episode of Jerry Springer," a source allegedly told MediaTakeOut.com.

Lil Scrappy reportedly proposed to Dixon without an engagement ring, which likely prompted more boos from the audience. Johnson, who allegedly walked off of the stage, was allegedly reduced to tears.

"[Shay] looked like one of the girls on Maury who just found out she DIDN'T KNOW WHO HER BABYS FATHER was," the source explained.

The explosive claims follow recent speculation that Dixon, Lil Scrappy's on-and-off girlfriend of 10 years, has moved on with a married man.

Dixon recently tweeted an intimate photograph of herself alongside an unidentified male, which immediately raised questions about her relationship status. One of her 127,000 Twitter followers sent her a tweet which read "you'll find better boo," referring to her recent split from Lil Scrappy, to which the reality star responded "already have."

The intimate photograph of Dixon and the man presumably upset his wife, who claims that she was in "in great shock" after seeing the photo because she only recently married the man who can be seen pressing his face up against Dixon's and holding her closely.

During a recent episode of the Vh1 reality show, viewers saw Li'l Scrappy move on from Dixon with Johnson and Dixon recently spoke out about her feelings about the new couple.

"I don't care, it's their relationship. Watching the show now it's like all the conversations they have is about me. I don't really care about her. I still think they are just friends and it's all for attention because it doesn't seem real to me. It may very well be, but again I know Scrappy and I don't feel like it's real on Shay's part, more like a publicity stunt," Dixon told Examiner.com.