'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta's' K. Michelle Thanks God for Help Moving On; Fans Believe Singer, Chastise Rasheeda

K. Michelle, singer-songwriter and star of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," defended her claims that music industry executive Mickey "Mephitz" Wright abused her last night after rapper, Rasheeda Buckner, one of her friends and co-stars on the show, questioned if the singer was being honest. After fans of the VH1 reality television show witnessed K.Michelle's passionate rebuttal on Monday night's episode, they took to Twitter to support the singer's claims.

In the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" episode that aired on Monday night K. Michelle, born Kimberly Pate, told Buckner that she wanted an apology from Wright.

"It (would) at least makes me feel like there is some good," the singer told her rapper friend about her reason for wanting an apology.

However Buckner, an admitted friend of Wright's wife Toya Wright, began to question K.Michelle's claims.

"Maybe he's not doing that because that's not something he did to you," Buckner said of the singer's claims that Wright physically abused her when she worked as his artist years ago.

K. Michelle then defended allegations of abuse, saying that Buckner and other non-believers had no idea what she went through.

"Rasheeda he did that to me. I had scars all on my leg, carpet burns from fighting," the singer insisted. "How would you feel if a towel was over your face? Smothered. He needs to apologize."

K.Michelle insisted that she had proof of threatening text messages from Wright where verbal abuse had taken place.

"I have every text message when (he) tried to say (he) would kill my son. If I was an evil chick I would have sent that to a blog right now," she said. "And I haven't done it."

After beginning to cry she began to explain the reason she has decided to speak out against Wright, years after the alleged abuse took place.

"(For) three years my career was ruined because I could not talk. I don't have that anymore," she said. "I don't care what anybody has got to say about me. None of y'all were there. I got my (expletive) beat and I gotta explain to the world what happened to me."

Although K.Michelle ended her rant on the show by leaving the table where she sat with Buckner, the rapper defended her stance on Twitter, publicly admitting that she did not believe the singer.

"WHY does my opinion matter so much. U wanna down everybody but want sympathy," Buckner Tweeted last week in an exchange of words with K. Michelle on the social networking website. "I neva met 1 person in da streets or the industry who has ever said Nothing nice about u. U have no man and no friends #urselfdestructing!"

Fans of the show weighed in on the matter after Monday night's episode.

"K.Michelle's not lying and Rasheeda know that, she just doesn't want to admit it to Toya," one fan of the show tweeted in a message that was re-tweeted over 2,000 times on the social networking website. "But I think she should release the evidence."

Other people took to the website to chastise Buckner for questioning her former friend and the alleged abuse victim.

"@RASHEEDA you were wrong to tell K.michelle she lying that wasn't your place to say that at all..if you loyal to toya ..be neutral," the fan wrote.

Yet another fan followed the same sentiments, telling Buckner that she was wrong.

"Rasheeda was out of line for suggesting that K. Michelle is lying #LHHATL," the fan tweeted.

After the episode aired where K.Michelle spoke about being abused, she took to her Twitter to thank God and the reality television show's producer, Mona Scott Young.

"Very difficult for me and my family re-living certain events 2night, but I'm proud of myself. I get stronger everyday," the singer tweeted. "I fought for years just for people to hear my cry, to understand what i went through, And finally today God granted me that moment. I feel like a load has been lifted, and I can move forward. I am free. Nothing or no one can take this day from me. Thank u @monascottyoung."