'Love & Hip Hop' Pre-Reunion Interviews: Mimi and Joseline Talk Stevie J (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO/Love and Hip Hop): Facebook Fan PageMona Scott-Young with the female cast members of Vh1 reality TV show "Love and Hip Hop"

Viewers are anticipating the premiere of the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show special on Monday night. The Vh1 network has released two video interviews of co-stars Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust, who both recently opened up about their respective relationships with renowned producer Steven "Stevie J" Jordan.

In separate interviews, both Joseline and Mimi spoke candidly to the show's producer Mona Scott-Young about where they stand with Stevie and how they feel about each other.

Throughout the first season of the popular reality TV show, both women have been engaged in a love triangle which appeared to finally come to an end during the season finale episode when Mimi ended her 14-year relationship with Stevie.

When asked about whether she has any regrets about getting involved with the reality TV show, Mimi, who has a daughter with Stevie, said that the show helped her discover the truth about Stevie and Joseline's relationship.

"No regrets because everything is on the table now ... everything. And had I not done this show, everything wouldn't have been on the table. He would have still been lying, cheating, deceiving and everything else under the sun," Mimi told Mona.

"I don't ever think that Stevie cared about [me finding out] ... I think that Stevie was tunnel vision, self-centered, he wanted to be back on top and he did whatever it took for him to be there," she explained.

Joseline, a former stripper turned singer, insisted that she was unaware of Stevie's relationship with Mimi before she got involved with him. When asked about ongoing criticisms that he controls her, Joseline appeared to be unfazed.

"Stevie, he's a controlling guy period, he tries to control everything that he can control ... anything it doesn't have to be a woman it can be anything. That's just how he is but I don't think that he controls me like everybody else ... not anymore anyways," Joseline said.

"I can admit that he controlled me before, I can admit it ... I didn't look at it like he's controlling me I looked at it as I mean you here now ... you doing something different with your life don't even worry about that small stuff," she went on.

Joseline did not directly answer questions about the current status of her relationship with Stevie, although she admitted that whenever they have the opportunity, they do maintain an intimate relationship.

She also revealed that- despite criticisms about the way Stevie treats her- she believes he loves her.

"Why wouldn't he be in love with me?" Joseline asked. When questioned about why Stevie has never professed his love for her on the show, she brushed it off as being a common male flaw.

"They don't like to tell [women] how they feel. They feel like they gonna lose they player cards and all of that ... that's ok that's for me to know. Everybody else really doesn't matter in my book," Joseline explained.

When asked about Stevie's affair with Joseline, Mimi said that she does not blame her for the situation and she went on to explain why.

"I don't blame [Joseline] I blame [Stevie], she's a victim ... she got caught up. She's young, she's vulnerable, she had a rough upbringing as well as I, and he knows it exactly what to do and say and pull all the right strings and this that and the third ... c'mon now I'm not stupid I know how the game goes," Mimi said.

The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show special airs Monday night at 9 p.m. ET.