'Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime' to Arrive on Nintendo Switch this October

Facebook/LoversInADangerousSpacetime"Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" will have a Switch version.

The award-winning co-op action/adventure video game "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

According to Video Gamer, Asteroid Base has announced that the Switch version of the shooter will be available on Oct. 3. Players may purchase it digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $14.99/£11.99.

"Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" is one of the latest indie titles to join the Nintendo family. It is currently playable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the co-op, up to four gamers may board a neon spaceship to shoot down some aliens and defend themselves. While manning the controls, they must also save a range of animals.

While "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" is technically designed as a multiplayer, gamers may still opt to go solo. In this case, an AI will assist them in the form of a pet companion, which may be a dog named Doppler or a cat named Kepler.

There are four campaigns that players will have to go through. Each one is composed of four levels, culminating in a boss fight. The main goal is locate and rescue the animals and unlock a heart-shaped portal. This will lead to the next level.

According to Nintendo World Report, the co-op is reminiscent of Ghost Town Games' "Overcooked" and KnapNok Games' "Affordable Space Adventures." The gameplay is fast-paced and frantic with a lot of shooting involved.

"Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" was first released on the Xbox One and PC in 2015 and then on PS4 in 2016. One of the studio's co-founders, Jamie Tucker, explained in a 2015 interview their inspiration in creating the shooter.

"I guess you could say that the retro-based game design came from the fact that we wanted to make an exciting co-op game with simple but deep gameplay like an old arcade game. When we came up with the premise of the players controlling the ship through the separate stations, we wanted to be able to break down each element to be as direct as possible. You can look at what's going on inside the ship like Jumpman and everything that's going on outside the ship like 'Asteroids' or 'Space Zap,' balancing them together and adding a partner to play with starts to add a lot of complexity and strategy," Tucker said.