Loving Pastor Is Using This Box to Save the Lives of Babies – Incredible Story of Faith, Hope and Most of All, LOVE!

(Photo: Vimeo Screenshot/Arbella Studios)

This loving pastor's act of kindness is being used to help save the lives of babies who would otherwise be thrown in the garbage - literally. Unwanted infants abandoned in South Korea are SAVED by a loving pastor's idea to put a drop box for unwanted children near an orphanage. He believes that "God sent them here for a purpose." The drop box he is using is a part of the Jusarang Orphanage in South Korea.

He didn't think people would actually use the box and drop their baby inside but they did, and it has helped save hundreds of lives. Pastor Lee has sworn his commitment to the abandoned children, telling one mother of an abandoned child, "God, I will die for these children."

All It takes is just ONE person who really cares to help SAVE these beautiful children of God!