Luke Bryan Underwear Toss at CMT: 'That's Nasty' (VIDEO)

In celebration of his big win at the Country Music Awards, Luke Bryan decided to throw a pair of underwear at his adorning fans.

Country Singer Luke Bryan won "Male Video of the Year" for his song "I Don't Want This Night to End" Wednesday night at the 2012 Country Music Awards. In the past Bryan has thrown out celebratory items to his fans in the crowd, but after losing an expensive jacket the singer decided to go with something a bit more affordable this year.

"The first time around, I threw a jacket in the crowd," Bryan announced. "Well, I found out it was a very expensive jacket. So, I thought I would potentially one day throw something a little cheaper."

One day came when Bryan was asked on stage to accept his award. Although the country star opted for a cheaper item this year, the monetary value didn't compare to the personal value, according to the 35-year-old singer.

 "I have a lucky charm," Bryan announced on stage, prepping the audience for his throw. "I have some lucky camouflage underwear."

The singer then asked presenter Tom Arnold to "do the honors." Arnold responded by pulling out a pair of green cameo undershorts out of Bryan's pants.

The underwear throw came after Bryan had already thrown off a guitar while performing his "Drunk on You" on stage- certainly more expensive than a jacket. Still, some said that throwing the underwear off was a bit tactless.

"Throwing underwear into the audience is totally unprofessional and inappropriate!" Cris rebuked on the People blog.

"That's nasty. No one wants his undies after his stinkin crack has been parked in them," MLB added.

Other fans however, did not agree.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'd love to have his undies. You can get some good money for those if you have documentation that they're his, and the video may be enough documentation to get some good money for them. Bring on the skidmarks!" JustSaying prompted.

"Um , hes so hot...He can give me his underwear," 123 added.