Lungs Found on Sidewalk Not Human, Remain a Mystery

Coroner's officials in Los Angeles have taken custody of a pair of lungs found late Sunday night. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the organs and officials state that they plan to "dispose of them."

"They're not of forensic value," Lt. Fred Corral told the Los Angeles Times.

The lungs, which are animal in origin, were spotted on Avalon Boulevard Sunday evening and police took them in for further analysis. Initial tests showed that they were not human and more tests must be conducted to determine exactly what animal they are from.

Some have already begun speculating on the lungs' origins, saying that they may be tripe (the inner organs of an animal) "to be used for food." That would certainly be one possibility, yet it would be odd that the lungs just be dumped on the sidewalk, unless they fell out of a container.

One person suggested that the lungs belonged to a dog.

"There are so many stray dogs in that area that turn into road kill (unfortunately). I couldn't imagine what else could've owned a pair of lungs that would need to be tested to determine whether or not they were human," Nevaehs Mama wrote on the Huffington Post's page.

In light of recent attacks on various persons, the case could have been particularly dark if the lungs were found to be human. Luka Magnotta famously killed, dismembered and mailed body parts of his victim to several sites in Canada. While police eventually recovered the victim's hands, feet, and torso, the head is still missing.

In Florida, Rudy Eugene was shot to death after eating the face of Ronald Poppo. That case is being blamed on a drug known as "bath salts," yet copycat attacks have occurred throughout the nation.