'Luther' Season 5 News: New Episodes Start Filming January 2018; Movie Adaptation a Possibility

"Luther" season 5 is set to start shooting early next year, as series creator Neil Cross revealed in a recent interview. Cross also hinted that the detective series has a good chance of getting an adaptation for the big screen.

Cross is extremely busy these days, but perhaps not too busy to spare the time for an interview with Deadline. The prolific writer and series creator just secured a deal for "Hard Sun," a "pre-apocalyptic" crime drama serial, and he has just a few weeks until he's back and filming "Luther" episodes again.

Facebook/LutherBBCA promotional image for "Luther" as the cover photo on the BBC show's official Facebook page.

"Luther" season 5 needs to get started after the holidays, and Cross had just sent off the script for the last episode of the show just in time to attend the premiere of his new series. His mind is still on the checklist of things he needs to do for "Luther," though.

"We're in prep right now and we're doing a bit of casting and we start shooting in January," Cross explained when asked where they are at now with the "Luther" season 5 production schedule. "For some reason, I always seem to shoot in the depths of winter," he observed.

The talk turned to a possible feature film version of "Luther," and Cross assured fans that there's a good chance he will still work with Idris Elba for a continuation of Luther's story.

"The fact is that Idris and I are bound in this shared relationship with this character and every TV [season] we think it's going to be the end," he explained, as quoted by the Independent.

Cross notes how Idris has his successful career to take care of, and that means there's always the possibility that he will be too busy to do the show anymore. The two of them still find themselves going on, however.

"For no other reason than we love doing it," the series creator explained, before adding his hope that John Luther will live on somehow when the show finally wraps up.

"Luther" is set to resume with its season 5 episodes sometime in 2018, on BBC One.