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Lying with Impunity

Lying with Impunity

In Aurora, Illinois, a Christian construction worker was working on a new 22,000 square-foot office building. But the owner, Gemini Office Development, wanted some unusual features. Why, the construction worker wondered, would the owners want bullet-proof windows and multiple surgical rooms?

It turned out Gemini Office Development was in reality a front group for Planned Parenthood, which planned to open a super-sized abortion clinic. It's an example of just how devious Planned Parenthood is—and of how the abortion industry is running scared.

When Planned Parenthood's front group went to the city for permission to build, it claimed that a tenant had not yet been chosen for what it termed an "office building."

When Aurora residents learned what was actually being built, many of them objected. Many, angered at the deceit perpetrated upon the city, asked Aurora city officials to deny a permit for permanent occupancy.

In response, Planned Parenthood claimed it had no choice but to lie: After all, if citizens knew an abortion clinic was being built, they might, well, protest. Well, of course they would!

Aurora hired attorneys to determine whether Planned Parenthood's deceit created a fatal flaw in the approvals the abortion facility got from the city. Thousands of pro-life citizens launched 40 days of prayer and protest in front of the clinic.

In the end, the city allowed the abortion clinic to open. But the battle over this mega-clinic reveals an important truth. Planned Parenthood claims that abortion is accepted by American society—that it is only a few religious cranks who object to it. But if that's true, why all the secrecy?

The reality is that support for abortion-on-demand is dropping like a rock. Too many people now know the truth about abortion—that it takes the life of a healthy human baby.

Planned Parenthood is also demonizing pro-life citizens by suggesting that there is something wrong with objecting or protesting. There isn't. Protest is an important part of American life. In fact, our country was founded on it.

Citizens have not only a right but a duty to object when they see businesses moving into their towns that might cause harm to their fellow citizens. Imagine the outcry if, say, Wal-Mart were caught trying to sneak a new store into town—and they claimed they had to lie about what they were building because they did not want to deal with objections or protesters.

Through the prophet Isaiah, God paints a beautiful picture of what a community that seeks righteousness will look like: "My people," God says, "will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest."

How can a community be at peace—enjoy shalom—while babies are being put to death down the street?

Albert Schweitzer in his book Reverence for Life said that we can either make history or suffer history. It all depends on whether or not we have a reverence for human life.

So three cheers to the citizens of Aurora who fought the secret abortion clinic—who took a stand for the reverence for human life. They are being the best of citizens. Maybe their actions will allow us to make history, rather than suffer history.

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