M & M Super Bowl Ad: Family Values Sells More Than Sex VIDEO)

M&M's Super Bowl commercial ad could suggest that family-friendly advertisements may be more effective than those that promote more risque content.

For many years the slogan "sex sells" has been passed as an excuse for the industry to flood the television with racy images that are often not parent-approved. However, the sexiest ad award this year may go to an M&M, beating out other ads like H&M's David Beckham ad or Go Daddy's Pussycat Doll debut.

The ad begins when a brown M&M gets laughed at while attending a party because another guest assumes that she is naked. The glasses wearing M&M gives the guest a look and says, "my shell is brown, it just looks like my milk chocolate is showing," suggesting that it would be ridiculous to show up without her shell to the party.

The commercial finished with the red M&M walking in, ripping of his shell and dancing to LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It."

Other commercials that did well were Dorito's "Man's Best Friend" and "Sling Baby" that also revealed that humor and family friendly themes may have been a smarter tactic this year. H&M fared somewhere in the middle with it's ad the promoted David Beckham's underwear line, but did no where as well as M&M's or Doritos.

According to the Boston Herald, "Doritos won Mullen's "Brand Bowl 2012" based on 400,000 tweets monitored by the Boston ad agency, which compiled its rankings by the volume of chatter and positive and negative commentaries."

The Herald also reported that Go Daddy, who attempted much less family friendly ads, was ranked as one of the worst. "Go Daddy - which used its sexy women formula in ads starring race car driver Danica Patrick, former 'Biggest Loser' coach Jillian Michaels, a Brazilian supermodel and the Pussycat Dolls - had the highest number of negative tweets and ranked as the least-liked brand, according to Mullen."