Macbook Air Retina Display Release Date Delayed to 2015? Intel Causing Delay?


Earlier this year, Intel had experienced a delay in their production lines, causing Apple to push the release date of the new Macbooks a few months into 2015. Intel has announced, however, that production for the Broadwell chips are now back on track and will be shipping before the holiday season kicks in.

Intel however, is producing a few variants of the Broadwell chips and has only confirmed that it will be putting out Broadwell chips of the M variety. What Apple needs unfortunately are the U variants of the chips, which may not come out of production until 2015. This will invariably also push the release date of the Macbook Air with Retina to 2015.

When the Broadwell U chips do come out, the Macbook Air with Retina Displays should follow closely. The new chips that will replace the Haswell processor in previous models will enable the Macbooks to experience better battery life by as much as 30 percent.

Until Intel ships out the Broadwell U variants, Apple can't push through with production and will only set the release date further into 2015.

In preparation for the release of the new Macbook Air with Retina Display, the prices of currently existing Macbooks were brought down drastically in hopes of selling old stock before the new Macbook Air comes. Some retailers are even providing coupons for student discounts on existing Macbook Pros and Airs.

The new Macbook Air is speculated to come in two variants, much like the older Macbooks. For now, Apple is focusing on the production of the 12-inch Macbook Air with Retina Display. The company is also working beside Intel to provide them the Broadwell chips, which will be put inside the new Macbook Air.