When 'Macho' Violence Infiltrates the Church

Hazing is once again grabbing headlines, not just for a rash of incidents at secular high schools and colleges, but now at an evangelical flagship.

Five football players at the elite evangelical school, Wheaton College, are facing felony charges for an alleged hazing incident there about 18 months ago. Meanwhile, nearby Niles North High School just announced it's suspending the varsity football season indefinitely because of suspected hazing. And at neighboring Lake Zurich High School, allegations of widespread hazing among the football team there led to the resignations of the head coach and assistant coach earlier this year.

Certainly hazing is nothing new, and what's happened recently in the Chicago area is simply a microcosm of what's happening nationwide. In fact, according to new research, there has been at least one hazing death a year in U.S. schools from 1961 to 2017.

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