Mad Men Recap, LSD Prompts Roger to Break it Off (VIDEO)

The most recent episode of Mad Men attempted to cover three different plot lines at once, but all following the same theme of "getting away."

Mathew Weiner, the creator of "Mad Men," explained that the latest episode, "Far Away Places," deals with the human notion of wanting to get away, and explains that each character in the episode is trying to escape their own "personal hell."

"The 'Far Away Places' is an episode that is inspires by these analogized short films. Thematically, it's about this desire to go away, and this desire to go away with the person you're going to be with," Weiner said in an AMC interview about the show.

For some characters, getting away requires the need for drugs. Peggy takes a hit of marijuana after a bad day at the office, which leads her to mischievous acts with a stranger.

Roger also turns to drugs after it is recommended by his wife's therapist.

"You have Roger who ends up having to spend the evening with Jane, to find out that her therapist has recommended they do LSD together. He has this experience on LSD of complete honesty and this experience of empathy," Weiner explains.

Following his drug-fueled experience Roger decides to break off the relationship, but says that the moment the two shared before was meaningful.

"It's just so beautiful how we were able to be there alone in the truth, just like you wanted," Roger says in the episode.

Don and Megan get away when Don takes Megan on what is supposed to be a romantic adventure. The getaway, however, flops as Megan is not happy about being taken from work while everyone else is at the job. Megan explains that she feels guilty and Don responds that it's a perk of being his wife. Megan gets angry, though, saying that she enjoys her work.

"You like to work but I can't like to work," Megan says in the show.

"For her it's the feeling of not being taken seriously," Jessica Pare, the actress who plays Megan explains. "She's determined to prove to him that she can actually fend for herself. It's very different from other women in his life.

The show ends in flashback to the original "Mad Men," with Don's back hunched over as he appears lost about his next move.

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