Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Too Predictable?

Season five of "Mad Men" has premiered after a year and a half hiatus, prompting the question of whether or not its long lost viewers would once again make the show a hit.

The season five pilot began with the episode "A Little Kiss." The show last left by leaving fans wondering if Don Draper would actually marry his secretary, Megan. Despite the unusual long wait, viewers tuned in once again for the season premiere, some commenting that they hardly noticed the wait once the show aired on Sunday.

"For most of the episode I kept waiting for a moment where I would think 'the show is better than ever! or 'I'm so disappointed!' but that moment never came," Sarah Devlin, reporter for MEDIAite, commented. "Instead, I felt like the wait for the premiere was much shorter than I remembered, like I had just finished watching Season 4 not too long ago."

Fans appeared forgiving of the long hiatus Sunday night, creating a social buzz around the new episode. Forbes measured the show's success by comparing its social feedback to other new pilots.

According to Forbes, "Mad Men" earned a whopping 106K social media comments, more than double the amount that "Smash" earned on its season 1 premiere in February. The show also more than doubled "Alcatraz's" 43k comments and scored five times the comments of ABC's "GCB."

Despite its positive reception, some fans are doubtful as to whether "Mad Men" can continue to generate such a large social buzz after the renewed interest surrounding the premiere wearss off.

"The opening double-episode was OK, but they need to add some new life to this beast," Bink Binkerson commented on MEDIAite.

"The core characters all play themselves extremely well, but the whole thing has an overhanging aroma of confinement, predictability, more than a bit stifled. Needs a handful of new characters and crises, not just Don-n-Pete-n-Peggy-n-Roger-n-etc," he added.