'Mad Men' Season 7 Spoilers Contained in New Poster, Don Draper to Use Psychedelic Drugs

Possible Mad Men Season 7 spoilers could have been given away in the new promotional poster.

The image used is similar to the end of Mad Men's intro with Draper sitting on the couch looking out at something, however, this time what he's viewing is a bit psychedelic. It could hint at possible drug use by Draper and would make sense considering that he was suspended from his job at the end of the previous season.

Draper's dark past is a recurring theme in the show and is the center of the character's struggle. This new season will take place around the 1970s so the popularity of more psychedelic drugs could be a factor in the new episodes. The imagery in the promotional poster certainly hints towards some sort of change in Don's life.

AMC also released a short video trailer with Don Draper exiting a plane. This follows the normal formula for Mad Men coming attractions as little to nothing is revealed about the story. Draper may have went away for a time and could be returning to New York. It's either that or the fact that he will leave New York and disembark somewhere else.

Draper used to visit a woman in California that died in recent seasons. This woman was the wife of the man whom he took his name from in his attempts to erase his original identity-- he was marred with horrible experiences from his childhood which were detailed more in the beginning and end of Season 6.

Don Draper and the rest of the gang will return on Sunday, April 13 in the Season 7 premier. This will be the final season, according to creator Matthew Weiner. It will be split into two parts with one airing in 2014 and the other concluding the series in 2015. Each season will consist of seven episodes.