'Mad Men' Season 7 Spoilers: It 'Challenges What People Expect,' Says Christina Hendricks

With the sixth season of AMC original hit drama "Mad Men" wrapped, many fans of the show are anticipating the seventh and final season of the show with high hopes. For the first season seven spoilers to hit the web, read on.

Christina Hendricks, who plays the assertive Joan Harris on "Mad Men," and has earned an Emmy nomination for that role, and she recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal for an interview.

She revealed some information about the upcoming season. It appears that Hendricks has a lot of faith in the creativity of "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner.

"I'm sure Matt will surprise us all," she said when discussing season seven.

"I don't know if anything in the final season will turn out how we expected it to, Matt always challenges what people expect. I know he's in his office working on the final season. I'll know what happens when I get a script," Hendricks continued.

As season seven is the last season of the hit show, Hendricks also discussed how difficult the ending of "Mad Men" will be.

"The anticipation of it all ending is just kind of heartbreaking. We are all going to try to enjoy the final season as much as possible. It will be the most emotional," the actress said.

The premiere date for season seven has not yet been announced by AMC or anyone on "Mad Men." However, if past "Mad Men" season premieres are any indication, fans can expect the hit drama to return sometime in April of next year.