'Madam Secretary' Season 3 Episode 19: Elizabeth Discovers Henry's Secret

Facebook/MadamSecretaryElizabeth faces another tricky situation in the upcoming episode of "Madam Secretary."

Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) finds out that Henry (Tim Daly) has been keeping a secret from her in the upcoming episode of "Madam Secretary."

In the episode titled "Global Relief," the synopsis (according to CarterMatt) reveals that Henry will be kicked off the VFF doomsday cult case. After all the hard work he has done, the FBI now wants him to leave the case alone and let it handle everything. The snub will not rest well with Henry, as he was the one who managed to track down the bomb. It was also he who discovered that the cult was planning a second attack. While working on the case, Henry was ambushed and he had several broken bones to prove it.

It remains a mystery, though, why the government wants him off the case. Henry has no wish to tell Elizabeth the truth, but she learns about it anyway.

The promo shows the secretary confronting her husband about something. Elizabeth berates Henry for keeping "that" a secret. She must be pertaining to his current predicament.

In Henry's defense, he probably does not wish to bother his wife, who has been very busy with her work in the State Department. In fact, Elizabeth's newest case will put her in a precarious situation with the president.

According to the synopsis, Elizabeth and her team's food relief operation in Somalia will hit a snag. Rebels will cause chaos and will even kidnap an American aide. As she tries to assess what needs to be done, Elizabeth gets a call from an unexpected source. A notorious Russian arms dealer wants to help. He and Elizabeth's team are shown meeting on the tarmac for a secret meeting.

When Russell (Željko Ivanek) hears about what she has planned, he immediately sets a meeting with her and President Dalton (Keith Carradine).

Russell wants her to break the deal with the Russian. Elizabeth, on the other hand, thinks it is the right course of action. She has no other option left. Will she be able to convince Russell and Dalton that her way is the best?

"Madam Secretary" season 3 episode 19 airs Sunday, April 23, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.