Madame Pleads Guilty, Soccer Mom Anna Gristina Avoids Trial to Keep Silent? (VIDEO)

Madame Pleads Guilty, Soccer Mom Anna Gristina Avoids Trial to Keep Silent? (VIDEO)

Madam Anna Gristina, a soccer mom by day and leader of a prostitution ring by night, has plead guilty to a single count of prostitution in an effort to keep the details of her little black book silenced forever.

Manhattan-based mom Anna Gristina has drawn widespread attention after her arrest unraveled details of a prominent prostitution ring that was being led out of an Upper East side apartment. On Tuesday, Gristina pled guilty, avoiding a trial that might have released the details of both clients and other women that Gristina had worked with.

But in avoiding a trial, Gristina could now face deportation when sentenced in the anticipated November trial. The mother of four, 44, is originally from Scotland and has been charged with being the leader of the ring. Officials originally hoped to use Gristina to bring down the entire organization, but have instead settled for a single guilty plea in which Gristina is accused of securing two escorts for an undercover cop.

Investigators underwent a 5-year investigation to bring down the ring, but they were able to prove very few connections to Gristina.

"We are left with a straightforward promoting prostitution case," Assistant District Attorney Charles Linehan told Reuters. "That is all."

Refusing a plea bargain that could result in deportation for crimes of moral turpitude, Gristina has stated that her hope is to face trial and fight for the chance to stay in America.

As part of the deal, Gristina also received a promised sentence of time already served, meaning that she will not return to prison because she already served four months at Riker's Island in February. Upon sentencing, Gristina will be required to serve an additional five months of probation.

The deal significantly reduced charges and Gristina could have faced up to seven years in prison if she faced trial and was found guilty.


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