'Madden NFL 17' Update 10 Gameplay Changes Will Include Significant QB Differences

Final roster update for 'Madden NFL 17' also rolled out recently
EA SportsQuarterback-related fixes are included in the latest update released for 'Madden NFL 17'

Title Update 10 was released just recently for "Madden NFL 17," and among the changes it brings are ones that will significantly affect quarterback play.

Developers detailed Title Update 10 in a recent post on the game's official Facebook page.

According to the update notes, user-controlled quarterbacks inside the game will no longer be able to execute pump fakes using the R-Stick whenever they are outside the pocket. Instead of pulling off a pump fake, user-controlled quarterbacks will now just throw the ball away whenever they are in these game situations if the R-Stick is flicked.

Another fix included in Title Update 10 makes sure that quarterbacks will now be able to match tackles after they throw an interception inside the game.

One more fix included in the update is designed to get rid of a short delay that could sometimes pop up whenever players tried to snap the ball. This fix should help quarterbacks too as they will now have more control over the flow of the offense.

Quarterbacks are not the only player types who are affected significantly by the latest "Madden NFL 17" update.

The performances of defensive backs and wide receivers should be noticeably improved as well, with bugs that previously affected them addressed in Title Update 10.

CPU-controlled punters will also work better with the update applied, as they will no longer kick short punts as often as they previously did.

Using the hit stick to tackle players may now be riskier as well as ball carriers may be able to break these more often.

Fixes for pass blocking and pass rushing are also included.

In related news, the final roster update was also released for the game just a few days ago, and along with making some ratings adjustments, it also removes player injuries, according to a recent report from Operation Sports.

This means that "Madden NFL 17" players can now try out different matchups without having to worry about some key contributors who may be sidelined by real-life injuries.