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Maddie Ziegler News: Former 'Dance Moms' Student Reaches 10 Million Followers on Instagram

Maddie Ziegler News: Former 'Dance Moms' Student Reaches 10 Million Followers on Instagram

A promotional image for Maddie Ziegler's new book, "The Maddie Diaries" | Facebook/Maddie Ziegler

Former "Dance Moms" student Maddie Ziegler proves that she appeals to more and more people as her Instagram account has reached more than 10 million followers.

While people first heard of Ziegler's name because of her stint on "Dance Moms," the young lady has proven that there is more that life can offer even after she left the show because of the stress it put her through. Proof to this is the growing number of her Instagram followers, which, as of this writing, has already reached more than 10 million followers.

Despite leaving "Dance Moms" last year, Ziegler's star continues to shine, thanks to the opportunity to work with singer Sia, who featured her in several of her music videos. The young dancer also crossed over to acting as she made her acting debut via the movie "The Book of Henry," which was released in June and is lending her voice to a character named Camille in the upcoming animated movie "Leap."

It seems, though, that Ziegler is becoming more comfortable with acting. According to reports, she is set to star in a yet-to-be disclosed movie project with Kate Hudson, whom the young dancer describes as her acting inspiration.

"She's amazing I mean she knows how to do everything, she's the most incredible actor and she's probably my biggest inspiration in life — her and Sia, two girl empowerment, they're amazing. You'll have to see. It's really fun and like I said, it's something completely different and something people won't expect," Ziegler told Entertainment Tonight as she talked about her mystery film project with Hudson. 

As Ziegler is set to showcase more of her acting chops, more people are expected to become familiar with the former "Dance Moms" student. With this, it won't be surprising if Ziegler attracts more followers on Instagram, where she usually posts random things that range from her outfit of the day, sweet moments with boyfriend Jack Kelly, her pets, food, and almost anything under the sun.


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