Madonna Nazi Image Sparks Outrage, Lawsuit by French Leader

Madonna is at the center of controversy yet again, as images of her with a swastika, a symbol of the Nazi party, were featured at a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The image sparked outrage not only in Israel, but in France as well, since the image was projected onto leader Marine Le Pen. Le Pen is the head of the National Front party in France, and has threatened to sue Madonna if she continues to use the image, which insinuates that Le Pen is a Nazi.

"If she does that in France, we'll be waiting for her," Le Pen told a local paper in reference to an upcoming concert in Paris. "She's an old singer. She no longer knows what to do to get people talking about her, because her songs don't work anymore."

Madonna has long relied upon the shock factor to remain in the spotlight and promote her music: one of her earliest performances includes writhing around on a stage in a wedding dress, and who could forget the cone brazier? In her latest concert, Madonna has used the images of Le Pen, Pope Benedict, and Hu Jintao, president of China. Each has been considered a strong, if not harsh, leader during his or her time in power.

Le Pen's father, the founder of the National Front, has been considered by many of being a Nazi sympathizer, and Le Pen herself has been accused of sharing her father's ideas. People have reacted to Madonna's latest show-stopping antics with surprise and disdain.

"She'll just say that she was empathizing or something stupid," Julie A Gallardo posted on

"I have no respect for anything she represents," wrote another.

"This is one of the most insensitive things that I have ever seen," tosenheejk noted on "Anything to keep her name in the public eye."