Madonna News: Pop Star Flashes Derriere in Rome

Pop icon Madonna has once again bore it all on her MDNA tour, this time flashing her derriere to audience members in Rome on Tuesday. Just last week, the 53-year-old performer flashed a nipple at a concert in Istanbul.

Madonna was performing her song "Human Nature" in Rome this week, sporting a black lace bra and black trousers, when she turned around and dropped her trousers, flashing fans.

When Madonna flashed her nipple to 55,000 fans in Istanbul, Turkey on June 7, she did so to the same track, "Human Nature", and many are expecting her flashes to become a trend throughout the remainder of her tour.

According to MSN, coincidentally enough, Madonna's 1995 hit "Human Nature" was written in response to her hyper-sexed album "Erotica," which received criticism for being too sexually explicit.

The public is providing mixed reactions to Madonna's stunts, with some applauding her for having the courage to flash at age 53, and others telling her "enough is enough."

"Hell at 53 if you have the ass to flash I say AMEN ! :) --- Madonna flashes her butt at Rome concert," tweeted Joshua Estrin.

"Madonna Flashed Her Butt in Italy. At least she was still wearing underwear," tweeted radio station WAAF.

Others were not amused by her antics, as Madonna has made a household name for herself for being controversial over multiple decades, and some think her act is getting old.

"Not special. Not a special breast, not worth doing," complained Dr. Nancy Snyderman on NBC's "Today" show.

Some in the twittersphere were speculating that Madonna is pulling these antics to compete with younger, perhaps edgier competition, including Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Regardless of the motive, fans seem to agree that there are many more surprises in store on the MDNA tour, which is expected to be extended into 2013 with additional shows in Australia.