Madonna Slammed by Deadmau5 for Drug Reference

Canadian musician Deadmau5 has slammed Madonna for her comments encouraging drug use at one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S.

Madonna, who released her new album "MDNA" today, took the stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami Saturday and addressed the audience.

"How many people in this crowd has seen molly?" said the singer, referring to the slang term of the drug MDMA, one of the key ingredients in ecstasy. The drug is widely popular in the electronic music and dance community.

The crowd erupted in cheers according to TMZ, but electronic artist and DJ Deadmau5 had a different response to Madonna's comment. Taking to Twitter and Facebook, the leading music producer called Madonna's behavior irresponsible.

"Very classy there madonna. 'HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???' such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra," posted Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman.

"Quite the f'in philanthropist," the DJ continued. "But hey, at least your HIP AND TRENDY! F--ing cant smack my head hard enough right now."

Also reacting to the 53-year-old singer's comment during Ultra, Kristen wrote on Twitter, "Madonna just needs to retire. Right now."

In addition to haphazardly supporting the use of drugs, Madonna furthered the association between ecstasy and electronic house music- which many concertgoers have fought to disprove.

On Twitter user directed a post to Deadmau5 saying, "do you need to be reminded that you would be pointless if it wasn't for molly and ecstasy?"

"I'd give up my entire career to remove this [expletive] rampant stupidity that plagued my favorite type of music in an INSTANT," the musician replied.

Deadmau5 added to his Twitter account, "I'm not advocating AGAINST anything. I'm advocating responsibility."

Users on YouTube have also responded to Madonna's reference of the dangerous drug.

"Why is she encouraging drug use," posted Short. "Cuz you need to be on drugs to like her new music."

In another controversy, Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video has been restricted on YouTube for "images that may be unsuitable for younger users."

While appearing on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, the singer defended her music video.

"How could you not go wild and not grind? This is the question that people should be asking," said Madonna.