Madonna's 24-Year-Old Lover Proposes

Madonna is said to be considering marriage with her 24-year-old boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, after he reportedly popped the question less than a month ago.

The French dancer allegedly asked 53-year-old Madonna to marry in while at the Kabbalah centre in New York city, though the twice married mother of three is taking her time in responding, according to Mail Online.

"Brahim asked Madonna to marry him at the centre a few weeks ago, but Madonna hasn't given him an answer yet. She doesn't want to rush into anything. She is very happy with Brahim, although her friends are not sure she is ready for marriage again," a source told Mail Online.

The "Give Me All Your Luvin" singer is reportedly torn on marrying Zaibat because she does not want to rush to that level of commitment, but at the same time she is said to be madly in love with her lover who is almost 30 years younger and whose mother is said to be 8 years younger than Madonna.

"Madonna has a real fear of being on her own. It's a major issue for her, and she loves having a man in her life who is young and makes her feel young," the source said.

In 2008, Madonna divorced British filmmaker Guy Ritchie after almost 8 years of marriage which saw him pocket a $92 million settlement and joint custody of their sons Rocco and David Banda, according to the New York Post.

The messy split reportedly left Madonna bitter about marriage, and she has been accused of lashing out at Ritchie in her new single "I Don't Give a ..."

The lyrics which have been described as feisty and aggressive by a number of critics, describe Madonna's relationship drama's which some are saying replicates her 8-year marriage to Ritchie.

"I tried to be a good girl/I tried to be your wife/Diminished myself/And I swallowed my light/I tried to become all/That you expect of me/And if it was a failure/I don't give a [bleep]," some of the lyrics state.

Her latest album "MDNA" is due out in March 26, and she looks set to embark on a new world tour in May.