Madonna's Brother is Homeless, Living Under a Bridge

Pop star legend Madonna, has a brother who has been homeless for the last year and a half and he currently lives under a bridge in Traverse City, MI.

Anthony Ciccone told the Michigan Messenger in an interview, "My family turned their back on me, basically, when I was having a hard time. You think I haven't answered this kind of question a bazillion times – why my sister is a multibazillionarie, and I'm homeless on the street?"

The 55-year-old man said he's been homeless since losing his job at his father's vineyard and winery in Suttons Bay, MI and talked about the harsh realities of living in the elements.

"You have no idea how gruesome it is. You get nerve damage. That's the milder stage. In the severe stage you have tissue damage, that is when you lose parts of your body," he said according to the Messenger. "A friend of mine lost all ten toes. Several have died of hypothermia."

"I'm not looking to get a free handout because of my sister. I'm not looking for any publicity. If you're here to get me to tell stories about my sister, that's not who I am," Anthony said according to the New York Post.

When offered a free meal by a reporter, Ciccone refused and told them he was fed by local super kitchens, reported Fox News Austin.

It remains to be seen if Madonna offered to help her brother as well.

Madonna has not commented on her brother, but this isn't the first time one of her siblings has made headlines.

In 2008, her brother Chris wrote a tell-all book about his famous sister called Life with My Sister Madonna.