Madonna's Net Worth Exceeds $1 Billion; Pop Star Earned $300 Million on Tour

Madonna's net worth has reportedly exceeded $1 billion, according to reports. The 51-year-old's latest music tour, along with revenues from various business dealings, has pushed the pop star into the elite class of billionaires.

Madonna's net worth became a $1 billion after her MDNA tour went international and fans from all over flocked to see the often sold out and controversial performances. Risque outfits, prop guns, and catchy dance tunes helped the tour gross $305,158,363, according to The New York Post.

On top of monies from ticket sales, the singer also made substantial revenue from merchandise and DVD rights. $75 million was made on her tour from items sold to concertgoers, and another $10 million was grossed from those who bought the DVD or purchased rights to air the concert on TV.

The business that is Madonna doesn't stop there. Dipping into various franchises has bought her much success, with one of the biggest being her personal fragrance- the Material Girl's Truth or Dare perfume raked in $60 million. Investments she made in Vita Coco coconut water and a gym franchise Hard Candy also provided residual earnings over the past year.

Yet another deal with Smirnoff vodka has earned the pop star another $10 million, according to E! Online. She also has a Material Girl clothing line in Macy's that sells shoes, lingerie, and other items- that venture is expected to make Madonna over $10 million in 2013.

All the money the singer has made over the past year with the tour, clothing line, and other investments combined have led to estimates that she is now a billionaire. Her fortune before her tour was pegged at around $700 million, according to Women's Wear Daily, with a more conservative estimate of $650 million by other sources.