Madonna's Son Rocco, 13, Pictured With Liqour Bottle: Don't Judge, Says Singer

Madonna's son Rocco was photographed with a bottle of liquor over the weekend, inciting controversy from many who think her 13-year-old son is too young to be drinking. However, the 55-year-old singer encouraged her fans not to "start off the year with judgment."

Madonna's son Rocco is was seen clutching a bottle of Tanqueray gin while his other young friends held small bottles of the top-shelf Belvedere vodka. The photo was taken Saturday while the Material Girl was on vacation with her four children in Gstaad, Switzerland on an extended skiing holiday.

"The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014!" Madonna wrote underneath the controversial picture. Some said that the singer was being an irresponsible mother and encouraging her younger fans to drink even if they are underage.

"Madonna still doing anything for attention. … good or bad. What a shame," one Instagram user wrote.

"Might be having fun and all but seriously, he's a kid (at) 13. Don't post pics that promote [a] bad image," another user agreed. "Come on Madge I'm a fan don't tarnish your image as a mom."

Others defended her, saying neither Madonna nor Guy Ritchie, the father of Rocco, would allow children to come to any harm.

"Let Madonna do as she pleases with her children you be concerned about yours. Raise your kids not hers she is not your kids mother!" one person insisted.

"Here and many countries in Europe drinking is allowed when you're 16 … For myself I started drinking at 14. A lot of my friends did too. And it's not odd here," another argued.

After the "Justify My Love" singer caught wind of the controversy, she put the arguments underneath the photo to rest by saying it was just harmless fun.

"No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor!" she wrote on Instagram. "Don't start the year off with judgment!"