Maine Twins Give Birth on Same Day, Shared Pregnancy

Twins seem to do things together, but sisters Erica and Tashina Ackley of Eastport, Maine, took things one step farther. They gave birth to their first babies on the same day after finding out that they were pregnant on the same day.

"We took pregnancy tests together and found out we were pregnant on the same day," Erica told the Bangor Daily News, "and we did every prenatal appointment together."

"We thought it would be cool if we had our babies on the same day, but we didn't expect that it would happen," Tashina added.

The girls gave birth on Friday, just one week before their own birthdays. Erica welcomed her first son, Keiran Leighton Carter, while Tashina welcomed a baby girl named Ivory Mae Cushing. The babies are very healthy and are already back home with their mothers.

"They're beautiful," Tashina said.

"And we're already pretty attached. They'll be fun," Erica added.

The twins decided to tell their mother, Mary, about their respective pregnancies on the same day as a surprise.

"I had told some other people I was pregnant, so I figured it would be best if my mother heard the news from me, not somebody else," Erica said. She went first, and Tashina "waited a few hours."

"Then I asked my mother if she would like to have a baby in each arm again, like she did with us. She had no idea what I meant until I told her I was pregnant, too," Erica explained.

It's not uncommon for twins to share life experiences, but it's more rare for them to get pregnant and give birth on the same day. Aimee and Ashlee Nelson gave birth to their children on January 3 of this year; the twin sisters had no idea they would actually give birth on the same day since their due dates were a week apart. Instead, they delivered their babies within two hours of each other in Akron, Ohio.